Even if your body is the shape and size you want it to be, you might find yourself covering up the notorious bumps and divots known as cellulite. The skin condition is very common and is unavoidable for most women and some men. At Diamante Medical Skin Care, David Capaldi, MD, offer injections to tone down your cellulite and tips for how to minimize its appearance. To learn more about cellulite treatment options, call the Jupiter, Florida, clinic or book your appointment online today.

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Cellulite is a common condition that gives your flesh a lumpy, dimpled appearance. Jokingly dubbed “cottage cheese skin,” the texture can appear on almost any part of your body. Most commonly, patients report that these areas develop the most cellulite:

  • Buttocks

  • Thighs

  • Breasts

  • Abdomen

  • Upper arms

Cellulite often looks more drastic when you pinch or squeeze the skin around it. Sometimes, you can hardly see your cellulite unless you position your body in certain ways.

Cellulite is more common in women than in men. In fact, about 90% of women get cellulite on some areas of their bodies. Despite its prevalence, many women consider it an unattractive feature and cover it up whenever possible.

The true cause of cellulite is unknown, but most experts think it’s the result of the arrangement of your fat cells and connective tissue. Women’s connective tissues run vertically along their bodies, giving less support to the layers of fat around them. Men’s connective tissues take on a supportive grid pattern, which explains why men are less likely to have cellulite.

Even though cellulite’s exact cause is up for debate, there are a few risk factors that can predict your likelihood of getting cellulite and its severity. Your body might be a little extra bumpy if:

  • You’re overweight or obese

  • You eat an unhealthy diet

  • Cellulite runs in your family

  • You produce lots of certain hormones (e.g. estrogen, insulin)

  • You have poor circulation

  • You’re a smoker

Contrary to some myths, having cellulite doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re unhealthy. Even if you’re slim, fit, or muscular, you aren’t immune to the condition.

A true, end-all cure doesn’t exist for cellulite. However, there are a few treatments available to make your dimples appear much more shallow and smooth. At home, you can use specialized medications and creams that thicken or dehydrate your skin to make your cellulite less obvious.

At Diamante Medical Skin Care, Dr. Capaldi offers injections that nearly eliminate cellulite from your problem areas. If your cellulite causes you to cover up and hide your body, he can help you form a treatment plan that includes these injections to continue enjoying sleek, cellulite-free skin.

The bumps and dimples on your buttocks and thighs are physically harmless but can have an impact on your self-confidence. For expert cellulite treatment and tips, call Diamante Medical Skin Care or book an appointment online today.


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