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Many patients’ most pressing flaws are only skin-deep — and surprisingly easy to fix. Light scars, spots, and even some wrinkles can be corrected without surgery or injections. At Diamante Medical Skin Care, David Capaldi, MD, offers mild to aggressive chemical peels that smooth your skin and improve its appearance. To make an appointment, call the clinic in Jupiter, Florida, or use the simple online booking tool today.

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Chemical peels are in-office skin treatments that improve your skin’s appearance on your face, hands, or neck. They generally consist of a chemical solution that causes your top layer of skin to peel off, revealing a fresh, renewed layer below. You can choose from several types of chemical peels based on your goals and preferences:

  • Superficial peel

If you choose a superficial peel, Dr. Capaldi uses a mild acid to gently penetrate and smooth only the very thin top layer of your skin.

  • Medium peel

Medium peels can reach skin cells in the middle layers of your skin. They can tackle a wider variety of imperfections than a superficial peel.

  • Deep peel

Deep peels use an aggressive acid solution to reach deep layers of the skin for a dramatic improvement. You can get a deep peel only once and only on your face.

Many types of skin imperfections can be reduced or fully removed with a chemical peel. Ask Dr. Capaldi about targeting:

  • A dull skin tone

  • An uneven skin tone

  • Fine lines

  • Wrinkles

  • Acne scars

  • Sun spots

If you have other skin blemishes that you want to target, Dr. Capaldi can help you choose the right chemical peel or explore more appropriate treatments.

Chemical peels, especially the more aggressive ones, can cause some unwanted side effects that last throughout the healing period. Superficial peels take less than a week to heal, but deep peels can take up to 21 days for a full recovery. During these periods, you might experience:

  • Redness and irritation

  • Reactivated cold sores

  • Skin color changes

  • Scarring

If you don’t care for your skin properly after your procedure, you could leave yourself at risk of further skin damage or an infection. Dr. Capaldi will caution you if he thinks you’re at a particularly high risk of chemical peel-related complications.

The effects of aging and years of sun exposure don’t do your skin any favors. To reset your complexion with a chemical peel, call Diamante Medical Skin Care or book your appointment online today.


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