The JetPeel yields immediate results with no down time. By draining, exfoliating, and infusing vitamins into the skin, the new non-invasive treatment comes with many benefits, including wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, and dark circle reduction.

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The JetPeel combines active ingredient serums and sterile saline water, oxygen, anesthetic or skin nutrients to create a jet stream of micro-droplets that penetrate deep into the skin.

The treatment, which lasts about 45 minutes, is done in three steps; starting with lymphatic drainage, followed by exfoliation, and finishing with an infusion of active ingredients. Using the patented hand-piece nozzles, Dr. Capaldi can penetrate significantly deeper into the skin to the hypodermis level. The nozzles enable penetration down to the dermal layer of skin to deliver a customized infusion of bioactive skin nutrients to address a multitude of skin conditions.

The JetPeel facial is a completely pain-free and a needle-free alternative to more invasive treatments.

The JetPeel is commonly used to exfoliate and hydrate. It can target acne and sun damage and extract dirt and product buildup from pores. It can even act as a delivery system for anesthesia. JetPeel is suitable for all skin types.


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