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Our scar revision procedure will help to minimize scars so that they look more consistent with the surrounding skin tone and texture. When you are involved in an accident or have surgery, many times scars develop. Many people become embarrassed or self-conscious of their scars. That is why we are so proud to offer scar revision services.

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When a wound heals, it can still result in a scar. Scars can be raised or recessed and can be a different texture, size, or shape than the rest of the surrounding area. Our goal is to help your scar blend in as much as it possibly can.

There are many different treatment options for scar revision. Although a scar can never be completely erased, we can assist with the healing process and provide a more pleasing cosmetic result.

During your initial consultation, we will speak with you about the goals you have for your scar. We want to make sure that you have completely realistic expectations and will be 100% honest with you at all times. Since every scar is different, we will talk about your unique situation. During your consultation we will also talk to you about our facility and staff, the procedure options, and cost.

A brief explanation of the steps involved:


– Identify the type of scar
– Explain the reason why it’s there
– Discuss if you have tried any other treatments in the past and if they have worked.
– Determine what treatment modality best suits the you.
– Begin to discuss appropriate treatment plan.


(Majority of most scars can be handled in under an hour.)

We want to exceed your expectations and provide you with the most comfortable and stress-free experience possible. If you ever have any questions before or after the procedure, you are always welcome to ask.


If you have any questions regarding scar revision or would like to schedule a consultation, contact us today at (561) 270-4478 . We look forward to speaking with you further!


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